Local Campaigning Issues

by Carol Linton on 8 December, 2017

Education, Health and Care Plans for Children Early Help for Families State of the roads in Buckinghamshire Housing Children’s Services Unitary Authority National Insurance

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Resident Survey – Burnham, Dorney, Farnham, Taplow

by Carol Linton on 26 August, 2017

Jane Wallis and Carol Linton The local Liberal Democrats would like to hear your views on local services, so that we can progress issues with the county, district and parish councils. The concerns of individuals are often ignored but by working together, we may get action from the councils or organise some self-help. You can […]

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Who and what we are

by Carol Linton on 14 March, 2017

We are the Liberal Democrats in southern Buckinghamshire. Map and details We believe in an open, tolerant society that works for all.   Local representatives are: Chairman in 2018 –  Carol Linton  Secretary and Gerrards Cross Representative – Diane Holden Treasury and Iver representative – Jeff Herschal Membership Secretary – Henry Jones Beaconsfield representative – Peter […]

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Supporting Children Who Need Help in Buckinghamshire

by Carol Linton on 8 November, 2017

Society’s duty to all children is to support them so that they grow up to fulfil their potential. They can’t do that on their own. Some families need help to support the children in their care. Some children need expert assessment and specialised help. In both cases, Buckinghamshire county council is responsible for providing that help […]

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Residents’ Survey Results

by Carol Linton on 31 October, 2017

A thank you to everyone who responded to our survey. Please let us know of any new concerns while we work on the existing ones. Transport for Buckinghamshire Nearly half of you complained about potholes, closely followed by pavements. This is not surprising as national surveys have Buckinghamshire 27 out of 28 on the satisfaction […]

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Early Help

by Carol Linton on 17 October, 2017

Out of interest, I attended the County Council select committee on Children’s Centres this morning Oct 17th 2017.  Reports Pack page 35 Buckinghamshire is proposing to stop funding all the Children’s Centres in Bucks (costing £10M pa) and concentrate the Early Help services around 9 hubs, just one of which is in South Bucks (possibly […]

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State of roads in Buckinghamshire

by Carol Linton on 8 September, 2017

In the Residents’ Survey which we have been conducting in the south of Buckinghamshire, nearly half of all responses mentioned potholes. For most of us, these potholes are just inconvenient and expensive causing wheel and suspension damage. For others, the potholes are dangerous as cyclists ride round them and car drivers don’t give them room. […]

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Firstly, thank you to everyone who folded or delivered leaflets, or conducted the Residents Survey. It is the start of getting recognised as an active alternative on local councils. The by-election on October 5th 2017, had a turnout of just 18%. It was won by the Tories as expected with 699 votes. They canvassed hard over […]

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Housing Development

by Carol Linton on 1 September, 2017

  The growth in population and the demand for new homes is a nettle that has to be grasped. This is particularly difficult in Burnham, Taplow, Dorney and Farnham. Much of the area is Green Belt or within the Thames flood plain. In addition to natural growth, there is demand arising from the Elizabeth Line […]

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Post-election message from Peter Chapman

by Carol Linton on 18 June, 2017

If you are reading this after voting for me at the general election on June 8, then I thank you. I want to write my assessment of what the Liberal Democrats achieved in that election and what will happen next.   The 2017 general election was moderately positive for us. We recovered some of the […]

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Ofsted monitoring of Bucks Children Services

by Carol Linton on 13 June, 2017

The July 2017 Ofsted monitoring visit to Buckinghamshire children’s services says that the pace of change from the inadequate rating in 2014 is too slow. The report commented on the increasingly stable workforce with manageable caseloads and good morale. However, the improvements have not been consistent for all children. There are no regular representatives of foster […]

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