Layla Moran MP and Cllr Steve Lambert visit Marlow

by Carol Linton on 23 March, 2018

On Thursday in Marlow, Beaconsfield Liberal Democrats hosted an evening with speakers Layla Moran MP and Cllr. Steven Lambert, Liberal Democrat Leader of the Opposition on Bucks County Council.

Formerly a Maths and Physics teacher, Layla explained how her experience in different systems and work in comparative education made her realise how badly we were doing it in this country. Ten years later, in 2017, she was elected to Parliament for the seat of Oxford West and Abingdon.

Now the Liberal Democrat spokesperson on Education, Science and Young People, she explained how our education system, in creating a market,   was doing exactly the opposite of what the research suggested we should. Evidence shows the best way to improve equality and social mobility is to target resources at those who need them most, and this is what Liberal Democrat policy, starting with the Pupil Premium, sets out to do.

Claiming we should put the needs of children at the centre of education policy, Layla described how OFSTED was broken and early years testing had become a cause of stress for teachers and pupils alike and should be replaced by a system that worked with schools, emphasising well-being, empowerment of teachers and strong leadership. There was also a need to broaden the curriculum to ensure that creativity and lateral thinking are encouraged for a world in which Artifical Intelligence will perform the straightforward, numerical tasks.

Layla also sits on the Public Accounts Committee and answered many questions on the oversight of government expenditure.

Cllr. Lambert explained that this year and in future, Bucks County Council would get no money at all from government. Adult Social Care and Children’s Services were failing services that had been consistently underfunded. He supported the proposed move to a single unitary authority for Buckinghamshire as this would result in savings in the region of £58million a year which could be better spent on vital services and infrastructure.

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