School Transport

by Carol Linton on 27 July, 2018

Change is coming with Bucks county only providing mandated school transport. Does this impact you?

Bucks council ‘has decided that it is timely to review the entire Home to School Transport for the 0-25 cohort of children and young people attending education and training.’ As with on-street parking, the policy is that all discretionary services must be self funding.

At the moment, some pupils are allowed to pay for places on buses (and taxis?) provided for children that met the national statutory guidelines. There is to be a consultation starting in September to determine whether money could be saved by providing (presumably) smaller vehicles and forcing other children to provide their own transport.

The admissions guidelines for schools warns parents that existing transport may be removed in the future, but that doesn’t help when the child is part way through their education and their transport is no longer available.

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