Andy Milburn – Denham

Andy has lived in Denham ward with his wife and children for five years. They are a typical working family.

Andy knows the area well – he was born in Hillingdon – and has spent most of his life nearby. He works for a large multinational company.

With two primary school children, Andy is particularly interested in childcare provision and services for young people – both of which are lacking in the area.

The Conservative government has given approval for a high speed rail line to run right through Denham. We can not now stop the Tories building HS2. However we can, and must, make sure we do everything possible to mitigate the impact on residents, businesses and the environment both during the long construction process and when the line eventually becomes operational.

At the other end of the ward Pinewood Studios has been expanded – again following an unsuccessful campaign by local Tories against their national party. I would seek to work closely with both HS2 and Pinewood to ensure that local people have access to opportunities at both developments. There are, potentially, many thousands of good jobs at both projects and we must ensure that our children are best placed to take them.