Mark Jolliffe – The Wooburns and Bourne End

Mark Jolliffe has lived in Bourne End for 30 Years. He has three children, Alexander who runs his own upholstery business, Emilie a Paediatric nurse and Isabelle who is in her third year at university studying textile design. His wife Linda was formally a nurse and is now a local Yoga teacher.

Mark worked for over thirty years in the Oil Industry, He had extensive experience of supply logistics and storage of Petroleum Products within the downstream Oil Industry. His roles have covered Health and Safety in both lower and upper tier Comah sites and he has been part of a design team looking at proposals for new terminals. Mark left his industry role after the company made a strategic decision to pull out of the UK. He is now semi-retired.

Mark is active in a number of local committees and groups. In his twenties he volunteered and trained as a counsellor with a youth counselling service. He became involved in local politics following the BREXIT vote, he campaigned for Remain, believing it was the right decision to stay part of Europe. He believes in an open tolerant and inclusive society, one that delivers for all not just a minority.