Bucks On-street Delivery Plan

by Carol Linton on 27 July, 2018

Bucks county council considered changes to the on-street parking scheme for the county on July 9th 2018. The council wants to ensure the parking schemes are self funding and that the current deficit is eliminated. This probably means that any improvements are funded by the parishes

As residents, we should be prepared for more cashless payment for parking. This is already common in other places and one hopes that each area within the county (unitary area) uses a common scheme which considers those without smart phones. The local councillors play a major part is gathering local opinion and deciding whether on-street parking restrictions are implemented. With any restrictions, parking is displaced to neighbouring streets and residents may incur costs or inconvenience with their own cars and trucks.

  • Residents parking permits involve costs to the residents and there is currently a limit of 3 permits per household, which might be increased.
  • There is a possibility of banning parking on footpaths in some areas, with major displacement parking elsewhere.
  • Parking on footpaths may be implemented where the subsurface is suitable and the ‘double buggy’ test is satisfied.

There are plans to enforce blue badge misuse. It is not clear if that means better checking on who gets a blue badge, or just whether the blue badge user was in the car.

Summary of Parking Delivery Plan

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